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ICLs (Implantable Contact Lenses)

Visian ICL™

The Visian ICL™ by STAAR Surgical is an insertable contact lens used to correct myopia (nearsightedness) in adults aged 21-45 without altering the cornea. It is the only minimally-invasive foldable lens available in the U.S. Made of a patented collagen-containing material called collamer, the Visian ICL is highly biocompatible, meaning it can be implanted in the eye with minimal risk of rejection. Under topical anesthesia, the ICL and a gel-like substance is placed behind the iris through a tiny incision in the cornea. The gel is then removed. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and no stitches are required.

The ICL’s location allows it to provide excellent quality of vision and also ensures that it is invisible to others. The ICL can be removed or replaced at any time, and patients can wear glasses or contact lenses or choose to have other procedures done with the ICL in place.

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